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Aluminium Flagpoles

The flagpoles are made of duraluminum and they are made of 2 or 3 parts depending on its height. The flagpoles are fully provided with reinforcement for concrete fixation, cable for flag raising-lowering, placed outside the flagpole, top and all the needed accessories.

Technical data
Lenght (m)Weight (Kg)Parts Top diameter Ø (mm)Base diameterØ (mm)
624267.5 98.5
828267.5 98.5
936367.5 98.5
1040367.5 98.5
1244367.5 98.5
Telescopic flagpoles

They are made of three aluminum anodized parts, 30/40/50 mm diameter which allows the adjustment from 250 to 550 cm. It is a portable flagpole and it can be mounted both outside and inside being the ideal form of advertisement for fairs, exhibitions, outdoor manifestations.

It is a great supporting device for advertisements and the superior 120 cm rod allows your message to be displayed in the best conditions. The flagpole installation and demounting is very easy and rapid.


Your message will certainly draw the attention thanks to its interesting shape.

Thanks to its mobility, this type is recommended for promotions, indoor and outdoor manifestations, festivals, summer-winter sports events.


  • Light and flexible structure of carbon fiber;
  • Innovating and elegant design, powerful visual impact;
  • Digital pattern;
  • Different anchoring solution.
Wall flagpoles

Roll-over is a 2 m wall flagpole provided with an attaching system very easy to install. The superior rotating part prevents the flag from rolling up around the flagpole.

Pennon of 120-150 cm duraluminum provided with a metallic clamp and top decoration.


Pennants and flags with or without purls or tassels. (Romania, UE, NATO, world countries, world-wide brands, etc...).

Customized pennants and flags.


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