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Fiberglass flagpoles:

The perfect method to make your message a success.

Our fiberglass flagpoles are manufactured in high quality single piece of conical form, they have mechanical resistance combined with flexibility, they are maintenance-free and they have a low-weighted structure.

The wind pressure which acts on the flag and the flagpole is computed according to the EUROCODE E, the 1991 static wind action, in order to provide resistance and rigidity. The calculations are made both for the flagpole and the metallic frame of the ground foundation and they are valid for all types of flagpoles between 6-12 m ground-level mounte.

The fiberglass flagpoles are flexible compared to those made from wood or metal. Even if they curve during strong storms, these flagpoles always go back to their original form – perfectly vertical – while the flagpoles made from other materials are permanently deformed.


A comfortable manner of flag raising and lowering, and in case of the pennants the lowering becomes even easier since the flagpole folding is no longer necessary. This lay type provides also a protection system against vandalism actions.

Moving advertisement posters

The optimal solution of flags exhibition; your messages will be always easily seeable in any atmospheric conditions.

OPTIONALY it can be mounted one of the rotating systems:

Rotating system (Banner – Bar)

It is mounted on top of the flagpole, it is a rotating rod which prevents the flag from rolling up around the flagpole and this way keeps the flag visible. To change the flag bunting the flagpole needs to be folded. This procedure prevents your flag from being stolen.

Rotating system (Banner – lift)

It works just like the Banner Bar, but the change of the flag bunting is made on the ground, the flagpole folding is not necessary anymore. To prevent your flag from being stolen, we recommend you to choose the mounting of the Banner Lift system on an internal halyard flagpole.

The reinforcement frame of the flagpole

The flagpoles are provided with an outstanding strong frame, having incorporated a hinge for elevation and metallic reinforcements for fixing it into the concrete. Our frame is considered to be one of the most resistant on the market. Thanks to the hinge system, raising and lowering the flagpole becomes very easy to be performed.

The top

The top is attached to the flagpole through a connection and a joint device, and it rotates around the flagpole. You can choose one of the two forms: "pear" type or "mushroom" type.

Color options

Most of the flagpoles are white, but we may obtain any color from the RAL color range.

Technical Data
Lenght (m)Weight (Kg)Top diameter Ø (mm)Base diameter Ø (mm)
62365 120
82765 120
92965 120
103765 140
124365 140

The flagpoles are delivered with the reinforcement for the concrete fixation, top, cable for flag raising-lowering and all the needed accessories.


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